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We typically work with Contractors, Developers and Owner Builders who are looking for a supplier of wood truss systems. We specialize in floor and roof truss designs for large complex custom homes and commercial projects . Here is a brief overview of what Inter-Mountain Truss Company, Inc. can do for you.
  • We offer detailed truss layout placement plans and wet stamped truss engineering packages for building department submittals and field use for the contractor.
  •  We generally have a 1 (one) week or less turn around on engineering packages and quotes.
  •  We typically make a site visit, prior to production to make sure that when our product arrives on site it is accurate, and has been tailored to your job site requirements.
  •  Our production schedule stays consistent allowing you to plan and schedule your project.
We at Inter-Mountain Truss Company, Inc. with 32 years of continual operation, take pride in every size job we supply ranging from small additions to large custom homes, commercial buildings to subdivisions. Our team has over 150 years of experience in both trusses and construction. We would like the opportunity to show you what Inter-Mountain Truss Company, Inc. can do for you. We will work to earn your confidence and trust!